Form and function: take pleasure in your cooking

For V-ZUG, design expertise means combining fine art, functionality and aesthetics in perfect harmony. As a result, our household appliances from the heart of Switzerland do offer more than just a high level of comfort of use, they are a feast for the eyes. Our latest generation of ovens and steam cookers are the best proof of this. For example, when the appliances are switched off, you can only see the central adjusting knob. The display and touch buttons, which you can use to select the key settings, only appear when you switch the appliance on. The highly convenient appliances also feature a full-colour graphic display. Furthermore, the retractable handle provides added aesthetic finesse. When you switch the appliance on, the handle moves into position automatically, then disappears into the front of the appliance just as elegantly again when you switch it off – adding even more purist style alongside functionality.