The smart way to enjoyment with V-ZUG’s new ovens and steam cookers

With a brand-new generation of appliances that have been developed and produced in Switzerland, V-ZUG is setting new standards for ovens and steam cookers. The new appliances are characterized by maximum user friendliness and enable experienced cooks and occasional cooks alike to achieve perfect results.

Operation is quick and intuitive using the revolutionary CircleSlider in the centre of the expansive TouchDisplay. Another convenient feature is the optimal lighting, which provides an easy view of what's cooking. The new food probe uses extremely accurate three-point temperature readings, thus ensuring unforgettable gourmet moments.

Whether you are looking for simple, classic or vegan recipes, new recipe books entitled “Baking. With passion for details” and “Steaming. With passion for details” are perfectly adapted to the new Excellence Line appliances. The new opportunities opened up by EasyCook promise even greater individuality: by using the “Dietary preferences” filter setting, you can remove unwanted foods at the press of a button. This is particularly handy for vegetarians, vegans and those with food intolerances. Alternatively, clicking on the “National cuisine” filter expands the choice of food available to include country-specific dishes.