Baked apples with hazelnuts, raisins and honey


30 minutes

Cooking time

20 minutes



Combair-Steam SE from 2015


4 apples

e.g. Jonagold, Cox’s Orange

Wash the apples, cut a 1.5 cm lid off the top of the apples and remove the core. Hollow out the apples to a thickness of about 2 cm. Finely chop the hollowed-out flesh and put to one side.

35 g hazelnuts


35 g raisins

soaked in rum (according to preference)

55 g marzipan

25 g breadcrumbs

35 ml white wine

can be substituted with apple juice

35 g butter

1 tbsp honey

½ lemon


Mix all the ingredients for the filling together well and leave to stand briefly.

100 ml apple juice

A few knobs of butter

Put the hollowed-out apples in the porcelain dish and stuff them with the filling. Put the lids, cut-side up, in the dish next to the apples. Pour the apple juice into the dish. Dot knobs of butter on top of the filling. Place the porcelain dish on the wire shelf in the cold cooking space and bake.

Hot air + steaming 230 °C for 20 Mins


Serve with vanilla custard.

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