Calabrian-style peppers


30 minutes

Cooking time

9 minutes



Combair SE from 2015


2 sweet peppers


(Pre-)heat space to level 5 with Grill

Wash, quarter and deseed the sweet peppers. Remove the stalk and white membrane.

Place the sweet pepper quarters on a wire shelf. Put the wire shelf at the topmost level in the preheated cooking space. Put the lined baking tray one level lower. Grill.

Put the pastry in

Grill level 5 for 9 Mins

Grill the peppers until their skins blister and char. Take the peppers out of the cooking space and remove their skins.

50 g feta

50 g cream cheese

1½ tbsp single cream


coarsely ground

For the filling, crush the feta with a fork, stir in the cream cheese and single cream, then season with pepper to taste.

Spread the feta mixture evenly on the strips of sweet pepper and then roll them up.


Courgettes can also be used in this recipe instead of sweet peppers. Top and tail the courgettes, cut into approx. 2.5 cm thick slices, hollow them out a little, grill, fill with the feta mixture and garnish with diced peppers.

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