Sustainability Report 2017/2018


Our contribution to the future

As a Swiss market leader in the household appliance sector and a high-tech company operating internationally, we have set ourselves an ambitious goal: to provide lifelong inspiration and to capture people's imaginations with simple, individual solutions. Particularly in the era of digital transformation, this is an aspiration that goes far beyond developing and manufacturing high-quality household appliances. The way we use natural resources, our employees and the society in which, as a company, we operate is becoming more and more important. We want to help create a future that works; a world in which scarce resources are preserved, in which people can realize their full potential, and in which companies like V-ZUG can achieve great things – both today and tomorrow.
The many dimensions of sustainability
The concept of sustainability is deeply ingrained at V-ZUG – in our vision and strategy as well as our corporate culture and our understanding of how V-ZUG can successfully help shape the future. Because of this, sustainability unites our core values, such as quality, innovation and inspiration, and embraces three dimensions: the economy, the environment and society. For us, acting sustainably means taking responsibility for each of these aspects.
V-ZUG's Sustainability Report 2017/2018
This is V-ZUG's sixth sustainability report. It now covers the reporting period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. The management approaches described in the four sections on our priorities (Innovation, Quality and environment, Employees and Society) include V-ZUG Ltd with its head office at the Zug site, V-ZUG Cooling Technology Ltd with head office in Arbon and the foreign subsidiaries, in particular V-ZUG (Changzhou) Special Components Co. Ltd., west of Shanghai. Unless otherwise indicated, the key sustainability figures refer to the Swiss production sites in Zug and Arbon and those in Changzhou. This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI standards. The key figures, activities and impacts discussed in the report are selected on the basis of the 2014 relevance matrix (see Sustainability Report 2014) and on a series of interviews with V-ZUG managers over the period from June to August 2018.