Available in large and small formats: The FullFlex hob by V-ZUG

Available in large and small formats: The FullFlex hob by V-ZUG

Maximum flexibility when cooking means placing pans wherever you want on your glass ceramic plate. The FullFlex hob allows you to do exactly that, featuring modern inductors that automatically recognize up to six pans. For kitchens with limited space, the V-ZUG range also features a smaller FullFlex hob which can accommodate up to five pans.

Do you prefer complete flexibility when cooking? The FullFlex induction hob provides this by completely dispensing with defined cooking zones. With its 48 state-of-the-art inductors, it automatically detects the position and size of your cookware. This means you can place up to six pans on the glass ceramic plate – anywhere you like. Using the memory function you can even move them around. The hob also has a convenient and generously-sized full-colour graphic touchscreen which clearly displays all the information you need, while functions such as AutoPowerPlus and Teppan Yaki make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

The FullFlex hob is also now available in a smaller 70 cm format which allows you to heat up to five pans and benefit from the same flexibility offered by the larger hob.

Enjoy cooking with the Teppan Yaki function
The Teppan Yaki function is another highlight of the FullFlex hob. It automatically recognizes the Teppan Yaki grill pan and selects the relevant function, and you can even divide the pan into two separate cooking zones. But that’s not all: the professional mode on the hob regulates the power level when you push a pan to the back. This is convenient cooking at the highest level.

Winner of the Plus X Award
In 2018, an expert panel of representatives from 25 different sectors awarded the FullFlex hob seals of approval for innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use and functionality. The Plus X Award is not just a design award – with its seven seals of approval in the categories of innovation, design, high quality, comfort of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology, it takes a more comprehensive approach. This innovation award focuses on strong brands, helping end users and retailers to quickly and easily identify the benefits of an award-winning product compared with its competitors.