New dimensions in steaming. V-ZUG’s flagship steamer combines the advantages of steam with perfectly distributed hot air and a full-surface grill. For chef-level results.
The PowerSteam is a combi-steam oven and microwave in one. Up to 40 % faster than any other V-ZUG combi-steam oven – it makes no compromise on quality or flavour.
This top-level combi-steam oven features all the functions and a full range of automatic programs required for excellent cooking results.
This combi-steam oven comes with all the functions needed for precise temperature-controlled steaming and excellent cooking results. An ideal complement to the oven.
This full-fledged oven, complemented by gentle steaming techniques and automatic programs provides a unique baking and grilling experience.
The CombairSteamer V2000 combines classic baking and steaming functions for easy-to-achieve food preparation and great results.
  • Professional results easily achieved at home

    Professional chefs originally used steam technology to achieve perfect textures while retaining the natural flavour and colour of food. The fine balance of humidity and temperature helps preserve both nutrients and sensory properties. A very precise and gentle way of cooking.
  • Combining pioneering technology and Swiss design

    Pioneering the development of exceptionally precise combi-steam ovens, V-ZUG’s steamer collection is the result of an ultimate refinement of this technology. It delivers powerful and automated cooking functions in appliances of Swiss minimalist design.
  • A personal and intuitive interaction

    The user interface of V-ZUG's steamers has been designed to be quick, intuitive and fully customisable to personal preferences. The result is a generous and elegant interface with the signature CircleSlider that makes interacting with a product as straightforward and personal as possible.