Andreas Caminada

It is a journey of discovery with Andreas Caminada, who was recently awarded 19 points in the Gault Millau guide. The gorgeous, picturesque ambience, the high-tech appliances from V-ZUG and the haute cuisine complement each other to create a unique treat.

Andreas Caminada likes to offer his guests something special. There is evidence of his distinctive sense of aesthetics and his love of detail throughout the restaurant. Here, it is not simply a matter of serving up a menu but celebrating it course for course. All his gourmet creations give off an aura of perfection. “I'm always looking for my own way, I simply do it differently,” says Andreas. “It is the diversity in my dishes, which I mostly relate to a theme, that perhaps makes the crucial difference. This is what people find particularly exciting. I take pleasure in diversity when cooking, which for me has become a passion.”

Video Caminada