Even a steamer needs to be maintained. Especially because it is used in such a variety of ways. Don't worry, the cooking space is extremely mainenance-friendly. V-ZUG steamers produce the steam in an external boiler, so only steam – and no water – enters the cooking space. Limescale deposits? There aren't any.

The climate sensor monitors the humidity during the steaming process and ensures that hardly any residual water remains behind. Wipe the smooth surfaces with a soft cloth → and your steamer is ready for next time.


Don't agonize over when you have to descale your V-ZUG steamer's boiler. The steamer will tell you, because it has its own descaling program that calculates when it is time to descale – no matter how hard your tap water is.

The program leads you step by step through the descaling process, so your V-ZUG steamer stays in top shape for a long time and the energy consumption stays constantly low.