For plenty of headroom and a puristic kitchen design: the new hob hood

For those who appreciate a clear, uncluttered work surface and minimalist kitchen design, V-ZUG has added a new hob hood to its collection of range hoods. Integrated almost invisibly into the kitchen surface, it draws cooking vapours downwards and provides plenty of headroom when cooking.

Steam, and therefore odours, are drawn in directly next to the pots and pans, preventing them from travelling upwards. The modular hob hood also offers great flexibility in terms of bespoke kitchen design. It’s an ideal solution for central installation in a combination hob.

Those concerned about cleaning can rest assured: the collection tray can be removed from the hob and, together with the metal grease filter, simply and conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher. Those who enjoy cooking and good design and also appreciate pure air will love the new hob hood.