Excellence Line

The operating revolution
The large TouchDisplay with its revolutionary CircleSlider raises the user experience of all the Excellence Line appliances to a new level – one that's quick and intuitive. All the applications are described on the high-resolution colour display, allowing you to see which meals they are best suited to. You can achieve perfect results in a few simple steps: simply call up an application group on the start screen, select the corresponding programme and start in the ready-to-start view. The temperature can be adjusted before or during operation using the CircleSlider. The cooking time can be set directly in the ready-to-start view.

Because every user has different needs when using their cooking appliances, the operating systems of our appliances can be customised. You can adjust the sounds, backgrounds and assistance functions to your personal preferences in the settings. The start screen can also be changed. In this way, you can store favourites as an app on the start screen, for example, and rearrange all the apps as you want, just like on your smartphone. Whether you want a clear overview of all apps on a single page or you prefer a reduced view and only want the most frequently used apps on the first page, everything is possible.