For perfect results in top-class cuisine: the new V-ZUG ovens and steam cookers

With its brand-new generation of appliances, V-ZUG is setting revolutionary new standards for ovens and steam cookers. Developed and produced in Switzerland, the new Excellence Line kitchen appliances offer a puristic design, interactive operation and perfect results.

Simple and precise operation and immaculate results are essential for V-ZUG ambassadors too. Top chef Andreas Caminada is looking forward to working with the new appliances: “V-ZUG represents top quality and innovation, just like our cuisine. Striving for perfection, constantly improving and achieving new dimensions in cooking are what connect us.” The new Excellence Line appliances reinforce this common ground and pave the way for further successful and excellent collaboration at the highest level. Over the next few months, the top chefs will be sharing their initial experiences with the new Excellence Line appliances at and offering inspiration with some extraordinary creations.