A V-ZUG operating and design revolution – the new Excellence Line ovens and steam cookers

With its brand-new generation of appliances, V-ZUG is setting revolutionary standards for ovens and steam cookers. Developed and produced in Switzerland, the new Excellence Line kitchen appliances offer a puristic design, interactive operation and perfect results.

Utter Swiss perfection – with the launch of its new ovens and steam cookers, V-ZUG is introducing a completely new experience in the kitchen. The modern appliances, which are available in convenience levels V2000, V4000 and V6000, are characterized by maximum user friendliness and enable experienced cooks and occasional cooks alike to achieve perfect results. Operation is quick and intuitive using the revolutionary CircleSlider in the centre of the expansive TouchDisplay. Thanks to AutoDoor, the first ever automatic door closer, you can completely dispense with handles on the appliances in handle-free kitchens. Design lovers, connoisseurs and forward-looking digital tech fans will also enjoy this new generation of appliances, which takes the user experience to new dimensions.

Seamless integration into the kitchen
With their puristic design and mirror-glass fronts available in black, platinum and pearl, Excellence Line appliances fit harmoniously into the architecture and atmosphere of every kitchen. The design of the appliances is minimalist, and their mirror-glass fronts pick up on the surrounding colours and materials, seamlessly integrating into the overall living space. Standardized external panels across product ranges and appropriate design modifications mean that ovens, steam cookers, Coffee-Centers and WineCoolers can be combined with each other as required. Together, they represent a self-confident, elegant product family formed from a single mould.

Futuristic appliance controls
Operating the new steam cookers and ovens is simple and convenient with the CircleSlider – an intuitive rotary encoder that's ground into the centre of the glass TouchDisplay. The user traces their finger across the slightly roughened surface, enabling values to be set with precision. Each setting is described on the high-resolution colour display, allowing you to see which dishes they are most suitable for. During the cooking process, the CircleSlider visualizes progress or the corresponding phase of cooking. Intuitive, interactive and personalizable – this revolutionary operating concept takes the user experience to a whole new level.

Innovative AutoDoor
Unique and new to the market, it's the first door that closes automatically. Ovens and steam cookers equipped with an AutoDoor do not need a handle. The door opens automatically when you press the TouchDisplay. And that's not all – it can close itself automatically too. This innovation is ideal not only for effortless operation, but also means you don’t have to check up on your cooking so often: the appliance can open the door slightly during selected cooking processes to let moisture escape or, if required, allow the oven to cool at the end of the process.

The smart way to enjoyment
The new Excellence Line appliances meld sophisticated technology with maximum convenience. Perfect interior illumination, a precise three-point food probe and networking that comes as standard are just some of the features that ensure perfect results. Added to this is the inspirational recipe collection, perfectly adapted for Excellence Line appliances. New books entitled “Baking. With passion for details” and “Steaming. With passion for details” promise to deliver inspiration for all gourmets. And V-ZUG is now labelling selected recipes as “Easy”, “V-ZUG Classics” or “Vegan” – for a healthy and particularly enjoyable lifestyle.

Excellence in haute cuisine
Simple, precise operation and perfect results every time – this is essential for V-ZUG ambassadors too. Top chef Andreas Caminada is looking forward to working with the new appliances: “V-ZUG represents top quality and innovation, just like our cuisine. Striving for perfection, constantly improving and achieving new dimensions in cooking are what connect us.” The new Excellence Line appliances reinforce this common ground and pave the way for further successful and excellent collaboration at the highest level.