• The art of hosting

    V-ZUG believes that hosting guests should be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Our food preservation range was developed to optimally adapt to the needs of hosts and their guests. Innovative cooling and freezing technology alongside refined design translate into the pleasure of cooking and hosting.
  • Generous space, flexibility and convenience

    The food preservation range features flexible modules, making it easy to adapt the compartments to various needs. This helps keep the interior organised while providing easy access to stored items. Convenience features ensure a pleasant user experience – among them, noise suppression for virtually silent operation, soft opening and closing mechanisms and high-quality LED lighting.
  • High performance, low energy consumption

    The energy required to run refrigeration appliances accounts for a significant proportion of a household’s energy consumption. V-ZUG is working particularly hard to develop and produce energy-saving models and thus lessen their impact on the environment, without any compromise on performance.