Tanja Grandits

In the world of fine dining, Tanja Grandits doesn’t just create highlights: she has developed a novel style that is all her own. The poetical way she plays with flavours and colours never ceases to surprise, earning her enthusiastic acclaim from gourmets and restaurant critics alike.

Orange-blossom curry, passion-fruit mustard, fish with vanilla or caramel: most striking in Tanja Grandits’ cooking style, which she calls Aromenküche (“cuisine of flavours”), are the delightful contrasts she uses. Her combinations are always well thought-out and utterly harmonious. Just as unusual and unique is her coordinated use of colours. “Each dish has one main flavour and one main colour,” Tanja Grandits explains. For her, the highest praise is the pleasure of her guests. The menus are light but satisfying – at the Stucki restaurant in Basel she wants her guests to feel good. She is convinced that you can actually taste when joy and passion goes into the preparation of a dish.

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