The new Adora


New design and even greater convenience
Washing machines and dryers from the Adora range have reached new levels in design, ergonomics and functionality. Our overhauled Adora appliances have a new name, standardised displays and a minimalist new look. From now on, all Adora appliances will be fitted with the same front panel, containing a modern TFT touch display for intuitive operation – enabling you to find the programme you need quickly and easily. The unique pivoting panel can be angled by 45 degrees so that you can operate it and see the information you need more easily.

Even more extras
It goes without saying that our Adora appliances are kitted out with the best technology and the latest washing and drying innovations. All Adora appliances are now also fitted with LED drum lighting. The new appliances are more powerful and more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, but have inherited their outstanding technical achievements. New functions and programmes such as OptiDos and FirstWash make your life easier and add real value in the home. The world-first DualDry feature opens up new possibilities in the world of drying.

Connected to the future
The new Adora appliances are equipped with a WiFi module as standard, allowing you to quickly and easily integrate them into your home network so that you can access the digital world of V-ZUG-Home. Simple status checking and push notifications to let you know when a programme has ended make your day-to-day life easier. You can also use the app to configure settings for features such as OptiDos.