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Product imageDurgol descaling agent

Durgol descaling agent

... The right descaler for your V-ZUG steamer (durgol - swiss steamer). Regular descaling (every 6 – 18 months, depending on the hardness of your water) prolongs the lifetime of your appliance.</ ...

  • Art. no.: B28005

Product imageSteamer cookbook Stefan Meier in French

Steamer cookbook Stefan Meier in French

... Stylish, sophisticated dishes. The second edition of the Stefan Meier cookery book again delights with a range of dishes. From soups and starters to vegetarian dishes, fish and shellfish. Also feature ...

  • Art. no.: J677019

Product imageStainless steel steam insert 2/3 GN

Stainless steel steam insert 2/3 GN

... Used when cooking vegetables in a porcelain dish. Prevents the food from sitting in the excess liquid and helps ensure success. ...

  • Art. no.: K21254

Product imageRoasting basket for Combair SLP/SL

Roasting basket for Combair SLP/SL

... Ideally suited for soft-roasting a joint or fillet. A food probe constantly measures the core temperature to the nearest degree Celsius, which guarantees success down to the minute. ...

  • Art. no.: K34563

Product imageStainless steel tray unperforated, 452 x 380 x 28mm

Stainless steel tray unperforated, 452 x 380 x 28mm

... Baking tray made of easy-to-clean chromium steel. For flans, biscuits, pizzas and much more besides. ...

  • Art. no.: K35961

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