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What makes V-ZUG so quintessentially Swiss?

Authentic Swiss quality, beginning with our Swiss production site. V-ZUG is the only manufacturer that develops and produces high-class kitchen and laundry appliances in Switzerland. This is accomplished by 1200 highly qualified employees using state-of-the-art production methods and totally committed to ZUG's aims and values. Established in 1913 as a galvanising plant, V-ZUG is now one of the country's leading high-tech companies whose appliances can be found in every other Swiss household.

Where are V-ZUG appliances assembled?

Using high-precision, innovative manufacturing techniques, V-ZUG kitchen and laundry appliances are produced entirely at an industrial plant located in the town of Zug, Switzerland, and covering 61,683m2. Premium Swiss quality in every aspect is the top priority, which is why V-ZUG appliances are exceptionally durable and reliable.

Does V-ZUG train apprentices?

We're currently training 60 apprentices in 10 different professions. At V-ZUG, training apprentices is seen as an important, valuable investment in the future of our workforce. The young trainees are coached by highly competent, experienced specialists in all aspects of their education. An apprenticeship at V-ZUG is an excellent springboard for a successful career. Learn from the best to work for the best: many successful V-ZUG apprentices stay on with us after completing their training.

How durable are V-ZUG appliances?

Over the many decades we have been in this business, we've learned a great deal about the strain kitchen and laundry appliances have to endure. This is why today, the V-ZUG name stands for robustness and durability. Whatever comes from ZUG runs completely reliably. Up to 15 years guarantee of functionality is impressive evidence of this.