The fastest

The Party programme washes up in 11 minutes flat!

Washing up has never been faster. The Party programme breaks all records. It washes lightly soiled dishes and glasses in just 11 minutes. That's a world record!

How is it possible in 11 minutes?
The programme starts with a 10-minute heating phase. After this, you can run five full loads. So you can have clean party dishes and glasses all night long. Do not use tabs as these dissolve too slowly.

When is fast dishwashing useful?
For parties, receptions, barbecues, TV sports nights, and whenever you end up with lots of dirty dishes in a short space of time: wine, champagne and water glasses, tea and coffee cups, plates with slightly greasy residue, and cutlery. The fast Party programme also makes Adora dishwashers ideal for working environments such as cafeterias or offices where lots of meetings take place. Lead developer Ingo Gau says: "We don’t want to compete with industrial dishwashers but to fill a gap in the market: between the 3-minute programmes offered by industrial dishwashers and our already very fast Sprint programme."

The Sprint programme gets dishes clean in no more than 20 minutes!

The Sprint programme is especially useful the day after a party. It cleans lightly soiled dishes in a maximum of 20 minutes, without a heating phase. It works using the two-bath method, in which the heating phase is integrated into the programme. This is different from the Party programme, which is even faster at 11 minutes. It is suitable for glasses and cups after light use. Do not use slow-dissolving tabs.

The Quick everyday programme gets dishes clean in no more than 47 minutes!

The Adora fast programmes: Everyday Short is the fastest programme for normally soiled dishes. It washes glasses, plates and even pans in a maximum of 47 minutes. The reason this is possible is that the programme uses a higher temperature and spray pressure. Spotless dishes in no time – no wonder it's one of the favourite programmes in Swiss households. Over 30 % of all dishwashing cycles use this super-fast everyday programme.