New premium baskets

Our new dishwasher range with OptiLift is ergonomically optimised for loading and unloading crockery.

Adora dishwashers offer the utmost flexibility when loading. Stability is provided by four rows of prongs in the lower basket with MultiFlex zone. If a large area is required, you can simply fold the prongs down. Very tall drinking glasses, baby bottles, sports bottles or vases are held securely with the Easy prongs in either the upper basket or the lower basket.

The ergoPlus drawer, developed by V-ZUG, allows cutlery to be loaded ergonomically and in a structured way. The items of cutlery lie in the drawer without touching each other – for a thoroughly clean and scratch-free result.

Convenience with OptiLift
Our new dishwasher range with OptiLift is ergonomically optimised for loading and unloading crockery. Thanks to OptiLift, the lower basket rises to hip height when it is pulled out, protecting your back when loading and unloading crockery. The rear part of the OptiLift basket is designed so that it is easy to top up the salt or clean the filter.

Vario cutlery basket insert
There’s plenty of room for items of cutlery such as ladles, wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas or long carving knives in the Vario cutlery basket insert, which can hold up to 14 items of cutlery at once. For even greater flexibility, additional accessories are available.

Multiple height settings
The upper basket can be adjusted to seven different positions in a single movement, even when it’s loaded. This allows you to place large plates at the bottom of the appliance, for example, or tall glasses at the top.

A row for glasses provides extra space
There’s room for up to six additional glasses, thanks to the row for glasses in the upper basket. The movable brackets ensure that tall drinking glasses are held securely.

The ideal upper basket for drinking vessels
The multifunctional racks are perfect for mugs as well as for water glasses or wine glasses. The folding prongs and the movable brackets can be adjusted to the perfect position.

Up to 30 % more space in the upper basket
The upper basket has space for up to 26 glasses and 10 coffee cups. Smaller crockery items such as saucers and bowls can also be stored without any trouble.

Baskets glide smoothly in and out thanks to SoftSlide and SoftClose
The robust SoftSlide basket runners are mounted on ball bearings, making them extremely smooth. Thanks to SoftClose, the baskets are gently cushioned as they move in, thus protecting the crockery.

Exceptional flexibility
If needed, the cutlery drawer and the upper basket can be easily removed from the dishwasher and then replaced again.