Be it vegetables in marinades or chutneys – there are many things that can be vacuum-sealed and kept optimally in vacuum bags.

Storing foods in a vacuum has the following advantages:

  • Protection of oxidation-prone vitamins, colourants and aromas
  • Protection of fatty and oily foods, thus prolonging their storage lives
  • Less water loss in the food stored in a vacuum
  • Vacuum-sealing with spices and marinades for optimum flavour development
  • Ideal for vacuisine/sous-vide
  • Saves space in the fridge and freezer
  • Large-volume shopping, divided into portions as required
  • Less odour in the fridge, kitchen and home

Push/pull system for handle-free kitchens
The vacuum drawer can be placed pretty much anywhere in the kitchen without a handle in sight. The highly convenient push/pull system makes it easy to open the drawer.