How does Vacuisine work?

Sous-vide cooking is this easy

  • Wash and prepare food, cutting it into shape if necessary
  • Sauté meat, blanch vegetables (optional)
  • Put everything into the vacuum bag
  • Add a little oil, broth, fresh herbs, spices or other ingredients to taste
  • Suck out the air and seal the bag
  • Cook the sealed bag at exactly the right temperature in the Combi-Steam
  • Open the bag and serve

What do you need for Vacuisine?

Cooking under a vacuum requires constant, precise temperature control. With Vacuisine, this is achieved not in a water bath, but in steam. The modern technology of our combi-steam cooker makes it possible to set the steam temperature precisely. The appliance ensures a high-precision steam temperature throughout the entire cooking process for up to 48 hours – all without having to refill the water tank. 
Unique and exclusive: cooking in a vacuum bag can also be monitored using the 3-point food probe. Thanks to the sealing pad you can simply insert the food probe through the vacuum bag into the meat – without breaking the vacuum. This keeps everything under control and allows you to identify precisely when the food probe temperature has been reached. Vacuisine lets you relax and devote your attention to your guests – once the food probe temperature has been reached, you have up to an hour to serve, with no loss of quality.

We also offer the ideal appliance for vacuum-packing: the vacuum drawer that goes with the combi-steam cooker allows you to seal your food in airtight packs at four predefined vacuum-sealing levels – either for sous vide cooking in the combi-steam cooker or for storage in the refrigerator or freezer compartment.