This gas hob features elegant black glass combined with powerful gas burners and convenient multi-slider controls. For an authentic cooking experience, reduced to the essentials.

Designs available

  • BlackDesign

  • Minimal and clean

    The solid glass profile is finished in striking black mirror glass and allows for both flush and top-mounted installation. The electronic controls are both discreet and elegant, conveying a sense of clean sophistication. Available in different widths.
  • Powerful burners and precise control

    Trivets made of solid cast iron secure the powerful burners, and modern electronics control the hob’s power levels. In addition, the appliance features advanced functions such as Simmer, Keep Warm or Melt.
  • Convenient and safe

    Advanced electronics control convenience functions such as automatic ignition and re-ignition, as well as additional safety functions. For instance, the hob switches off if the temperature is too high or the operating time exceeds the preset limits.
  • Preset modes

    Sensor precision for controlled cooking

    The additional Simmer, Keep Warm and Melt functions available on most hobs of this category use sensors to control the cooking process.

  • Automatic boost

    High power for increased convenience

    When activated, the automatic boost runs at high power before returning to the selected power level, improving cooking speed and convenience.

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