CookTop V4000 I604

ZoneFlex technology can be used with both standard and oversized cookware and comes with various power levels and preset modes. For even more freedom and flexibility while cooking.

Designs available

  • BlackDesign

  • Powerful and efficient

    Modern, high-quality induction technology delivers fast results while consuming significantly less energy than conventional hobs.
  • Designed for large cookware

    The innovative ZoneFlex technology allows the hob to automatically adapt each of the cooking zones to the respective size and position of the cookware. This ensures more even cooking results as well as greater flexibility and ease of use. Especially helpful when batch cooking or when cooking for several people.
  • Preset modes

    Sensor precision for controlled cooking

    The additional Simmer, Keep Warm and Melt functions available on most hobs of this category use sensors to control the cooking process.

  • Power level control

    Ergonomic sliders

    Electronic multi-slider controls ensure quick and easy control of the power level of each individual cooking zone.

Product information