This concealed solution is completely hidden in the kitchen cabinet above the hob. The extractor fan ensures powerful, yet quiet extraction performance.

Designs available

  • Stainless steel

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • A design that transcends trends

    This elegant extraction hood is characterised by timeless honesty in appearance and materials. Its high-quality components and robust build are designed to stand the test of time. It provides consistently effective and efficient extraction, all while remaining relatively silent.
  • A seamless extraction solution

    This fully integrated hood optimally captures cooking fumes and odours, making it an ideal solution for those who appreciate a seamless kitchen design. The filters are easy to remove and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Compact and concealed

    The compact installation of the concealed extractor hood leaves room in the wall unit for the storage of cooking essentials such as spices or cookbooks. Perfect for a kitchen attuned to the lifestyle and preferences of the homeowners.
  • OptiLink

    Smart hood and hob connection

    If both the hood and hob feature OptiLink technology, the hood automatically adjusts its power level to the hob’s activity.

  • After-running function

    Clean air for a fresh smelling kitchen

    This smart function eliminates any remaining smells after cooking. It continues to operate until all odours are gone and then switches off automatically.

  • LED spotlights

    Colour temperature adjustable lighting

    LED spotlights evenly illuminate the cooking surface. They can be colour temperature adjusted to match the ambient lighting of the kitchen.

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