This wall hood boasts impressive extraction power, low energy consumption and a sleek fascia design with a black mirror glass finish. For a quintessentially classic, yet modern look.

Designs available

  • Black glass

Select a variant of AiroClearWall V6000


Standard width

90 cm

Front design

Black glass





Telescopic casing


Recirculation air filter


Extracted air


Recirculation air


Type of connection (1)

220-240 V~


Article no.


Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • Intelligent automatic extraction

    If both the hood and hob feature OptiLink technology, the hood and the hob can be connected. This allows the hood to automatically adjust its extraction power to the cooking levels of the hob. For a particularly comfortable cooking experience.
  • Easy cleaning for consistent performance

    The filters are easy to remove and can be cleaned in the dishwasher to ensure efficient and effective performance throughout the product’s lifecycle. A design developed with everyday practicality in mind.
  • A design highlight in the kitchen

    The elegant fascia comes with a mirror glass finish, reflecting the sleek aesthetic of V-ZUG’s Excellence Line. With its subtle silhouette, it pairs well with a variety of hobs, adding visual interest to airy, open-plan kitchen spaces.
  • OptiLink

    Smart hood and hob connection

    If both the hood and hob feature OptiLink technology, the hood automatically adjusts its power level to the hob’s activity.

  • After-running function

    Clean air for a fresh smelling kitchen

    This smart function eliminates any remaining smells after cooking. It continues to operate until all odours are gone and then switches off automatically.

  • LED spotlights

    Colour temperature adjustable lighting

    LED spotlights evenly illuminate the cooking surface. They can be colour temperature adjusted to match the ambient lighting of the kitchen.

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