Vegetable soup

with roasted root vegetables


30 minutes

Cooking time

15 minutes



CombiSteamer V6000 PowerSteam from 2022

Root vegetables

600 g root vegetables (e.g. beetroot, carrots, celery or Jerusalem artichoke)

2 shallots


800 ml water

100 g butter

100 g crème fraîche

100 ml cream

1 tbsp salt

Some pepper

Some lemon juice


Some edible flowers

Some black sesame seeds

Some olive oil

Root vegetables

Preheat the cooking space to 230 °C using the hot air with steaming mode.

Top, tail and peel the vegetables and cut into about 2 cm chunks. Peel and quarter the shallots.

Put together on the hardened glass dish and roast for 15 minutes using the Power hot air with steaming mode.


Bring all the ingredients up to and including the salt to the boil in a pan and season with pepper and lemon juice to taste. Add the root vegetables and shallots and purée to make a creamy soup.


Serve the soup in deep soup bowls and garnish with edible flowers, black sesame seeds or olive oil.

Cooking steps

(Pre-)heat cooking space to 230 °C with Hot air + steaming

Introduce food.

Power hot air with steaming 230 °C for 15 Mins


Pumpkin can be used in place of root vegetables, according to taste.

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