The steaming principle

The steam is distributed evenly in the cooking space of a Steamer. When it touches the food, it condenses. The heat energy of the steam is thus transferred to the food, which is heated gently. As many vitamins, minerals, micronutrients as possible are retained, together with the original taste of the food.
Another benefit of steam: as soon as the food has reached the temperature of the steam, the steam no longer condenses. This means the food doesn’t burn. And in an unpressurised steamer, it is almost impossible to overcook anything. You can thus steam several different vegetables simultaneously to perfection.

Our technology – Your benefit

There’s a lot of technology in our Steamers. But it's not just there to make our designers happy – it’s designed to take the burden out of your everyday cooking and help you achieve perfect results.
This is our goal, which is why we focus on practical details. For example on the water tank. The approx. 1 litre of water is sufficient for more than two hours’ cooking at the highest level.

Our steamers produce the steam outside the cooking space in an external steam generator. There are many benefits to this: the right environment is created within seconds, and the switch from steam to hot air in the cooking space is performed with outstanding precision. The climate sensor continuously monitors the humidity in the cooking space and manages the supply of steam in order to ensure the food is cooked incredibly gently. The climate sensor also guarantees very low water and energy consumption.
After cooking, the remaining water in the steam generator is pumped back into the water tank. This means your Steamer is ready for its next use.
Cleaning our Steamers is extremely convenient: one wipe with a cloth is all it takes. Thanks to the external steam generator, no limescale forms in the cooking space and only a little residual water remains, which means that stubborn food residue doesn’t burn so much onto the cooking space. This means that the time spent working with your Steamer comes before eating, not after.

Sensor technology: A V-ZUG speciality

Are you impressed by features like the rain sensor in your car or weight sensors in your scales? Then you’ll really be fascinated by our sensor technology!

  • Climate sensor 
    This ensures the food – regardless of the amount or type – is steamed in an efficient, optimised climate.
  • Climate control
    The cleverly designed controls make it possible to create exclusive gourmet recipes to perfection in the combi-steam cooker, opening up new dimensions in your cooking.
  • Limescale sensor
    This senses when it is time to descale your appliance, and displays this to you. The notification is displayed every 6 to 18 months, depending on how hard your water is. Of course, you can continue to use the appliance even while the limescale notification is displayed.
  • 3-Point food probe
    it ensures we enjoy delicious pieces of meat, as it controls and regulates the food probe temperature to the precise degree. It is the star feature of the soft roasting programme, which enables you to serve meat that's amazingly tender at exactly the right time.