Supreme Line

The refrigerators and freezers in the Supreme Line offer pure luxury: ample areas for storing food, high-quality materials and unique workmanship.

When it comes to storing supplies, our Supreme Line has everything you could possibly want. The CombiCooler Supreme, the Cooler Supreme, Freezer Supreme and the WineCooler Supreme offer space for all your provisions. Wide racks and more space between the tiers mean you can buy in bulk.

It's not just the dimensions of the new appliances that offer luxury, however, but also their visual and tactile qualities. For our Supreme appliances, we use genuine, high-quality materials – for a quality you can see and feel. Stability is ensured by solid elements and vast surfaces produced from one piece of chrome steel.

The single-door appliances are ideally suited to a side-by-side solution in your home. As part of a combination, they offer a great deal of space while also making it easier to find the food you’re looking for, thanks to their well-designed layout. The Supreme Line is a market leader in terms of its functionality as well as its design. The CombiCooler Supreme features the innovative MonoFridge and ClimateControl functions, for example.

Icemaker innovation
The CombiCooler Supreme and Freezer Supreme include an integrated icemaker. The ice cube tray is filled automatically. To operate the ice machine, a water connection is required.

Luxury for fine wines
The WineCooler Supreme completes this luxury range. This appliance offers premium features and has plenty of room for storing the finest wines at perfect temperatures.