V‑ZUG Warranty

High quality, a long service life and comprehensive protection: When you purchase an appliance from V‑ZUG, you receive a first-class two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t forget to register the warranty.

Warranty information

Two-year warranty A two-year warranty starting on the date of purchase is included with every V-ZUG product.

What is covered by the warranty? This warranty covers material and manufacturing defects and includes remedying them free of charge within the warranty period. This warranty also covers the cost of man-hours, transportation and material replacement. V‑ZUG decides the type of warranty service provided at its discretion, which may be repair, equivalent replacement or cost reimbursement. Any other claims except for those mentioned above are rejected.

Where is the warranty valid? The warranty is valid only in the country where the appliance was purchased and provided the service is delivered by V‑ZUG or any of its authorised service centres in the mentioned country. If appliances are transferred to other countries, certain issues may arise due to technical (such as mains voltage, frequency, etc.), climate or environment conditions in the destination location. Therefore, we reserve the right to void the warranty if it was not approved for the respective country.

What is not covered by the warranty? The warranty does not cover damages incurred after the product’s manufacture, such as damages incurred during transportation, due to non-observance of installation instructions, incompetent or improper use, inadequate maintenance, ordinary wear and tear, exposure to environment, force-majeure or other reasons out of the control of V‑ZUG Ltd.  If appliances are maintained by service centres unauthorised by V‑ZUG or non-original spare parts are used, this warranty shall be void.  This warranty does not impair the rights of the appliance seller related to contractual or statutory claims by the customer. The appliance not being used or not being used for a short period does not constitute grounds for extending the warranty period.

Effective as of February 1, 2018