Recipe books

Allocation Recipe books Steam cookers (From 2015)

  Steaming with a passion for detail Baking with a passion for detail Fast steaming Magical steaming GourmetSteam Baking treats
CombiSteamer V6000  B          
CombiSteamer V4000  K          
CombairSteamer V6000  B K        
CombairSteamer V2000  K K        
Combi-Steam MSLQ     B   K K
Combi-Steam XSL       B K  
Combi-Steam HSL       B K  
Steam HSE      –
Combair-Steam SL       B K K
Combair-Steam SE       K   K

B = Book is stored in appliance                        
K = Book can be bought    

Allocation Recipe books Baking (From 2015)

  Baking treats
Combair SL/SLP B
Combair SE/SEP K
Combair XSL/XSLP B
Combair XSE/XSEP K
Combair HSE K

B = Book is stored in appliance
K = Book can be bought