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In the studio with Elisa Ossino

In the studio with Elisa Ossino

Elisa Ossino speaks about her vision, transforming reality and cultural contaminations. A portrait.

Design and architecture

Inspiring personalities from the world of architecture, design and art discuss the future of spaces and objects in a fast-paced and ever-changing world.

How do you truly commit to circularity?

During Milan Design Week 2023, V-ZUG and Monocle hosted a series of intimate conversations on the future of design and production. Headlined by top names in the design industry, the V-ZUG x Monocle Talk series unpacks how we can improve quality of life through circularity.
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Milan Design Week 2023 – a review

With Milan Design Week 2023 coming to a close, we asked Martin, our V-ZUG Head of Corporate Design and Gabriel, our Global Interior Art Director to share their personal highlights with us.
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Fluxus – an installation by Elisa Ossino and Stefano Roveda

Elisa Ossino and Stefano Roveda curated an interactive art installation exploring the concept of circularity. On show at V-ZUG’s soon-to-open studio in the heart of Milan, the experiential artwork is inspired by the 65th anniversary of the brand’s iconic Adora washing machine. It represents the company's relentless activities to achieve a truly circular economy.
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Interview with Valerio Olgiati

The renowned Swiss architect, Valerio Olgiati, spends winters in Flims (GR, Switzerland) and summers in his “Villa Além” in the Portuguese region of Alentejo. In this interview, he explains what has led to his architecture becoming more radical.
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The new era of urban manufacturing

V-ZUG’s TechCluster Zug epitomises contemporary urban manufacturing rooted in the past.
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In conversation with: Liam Wallis, founder, HIP V. HYPE

Kitchen Talks

Acclaimed chefs talk about their views on the role of food in our society now and in the future. They share their own culinary journey and reveal the recipes they love to cook at home.

Beauty: a product of creative freedom

Switzerland’s top chef is convinced that to have excellent ideas you need the freedom to think of them and the opportunity to develop without being put under pressure.
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The courage to go your own way

Andreas Caminada is one of the internationally best-known Swiss chefs. He achieves excellence by focusing on his strengths.
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Food provides moments of bliss

Qualified software engineer Zineb “Zizi” Hattab exploded onto the gastro scene in 2020 with her vegan restaurant KLE in Zurich. The career changer recognized early on that her true passion was creating delicious food.
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Shared Inspiration

In a world that needs purpose more than ever, we curate meaningful stories through the work of writers, photographers and artists.