AdoraDish V4000

This flexible and space-optimised dishwasher was designed for everyday use. Complemented by smart ergonomic features, it makes cleaning the dishes easy. The AdoraDish V4000 is available as a standard and extra-height model – both options come in a fully-integrated design.

AdoraDish V2000

The AdoraDish V2000 is a dishwasher designed with efficiency, performance and longevity in mind. The standard model of the appliance comes in a fully-integrated design.

AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump

The AdoraDish V6000 with heat pump features best-in-class energy efficiency paired with the full range of powerful and silent programs. A dishwashing experience that sets new standards.

AdoraDish V6000

This dishwasher features powerful and silent programs designed to offer the highest level of convenience and comfort of use. In the fully integrated version, the AdoraDish V6000 is available both as a standard and extra-height model.
  • Designed for sustainability and impressive results

    For decades, V-ZUG has been committed to developing products that are not only designed to last but also best-in-class in terms of energy and water consumption. The Adora dishwashers lead the way with their ability to deliver perfect results thanks to precise engineering and curated programs that use extremely few resources.
  • Clean-lined, contemporary, clever

    Adora dishwashers are the result of an extensive development and design process. Clean lines and bare surfaces bespeak V-ZUG’s minimal and elegant aesthetic. The baskets are designed to provide optimum use of space and flexibility via clever, patented folding mechanisms or click-in and click-out solutions.
  • Pure steam for the perfect finishing touch

    The patented SteamFinish program is the result of V-ZUG’s steam expertise. By harnessing the gentle power of steam in the drying cycle, water stains are reduced to a minimum. For crystal-clear glasses, spotless cutlery and improved drying results.