AdoraDish V4000 V

A versatile all-rounder with flexibility for large dishes and special fine glass stemware cradles. It is available in standard or extra-height models and an integrated or fully-integrated design.

Designs available

  • Fully integratable

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency class
  • Invariably excellent results

    Equipped with intelligent programs such as Intensive, Sprint and Automatic, the AdoraDish V4000 dishwashers ensure optimal results. Perfect for cleaning up after dinner.
  • Unmatched versatility, unrivalled ease of use

    The patented upper and lower baskets feature six multifunctional cup rests with large surface area and soft padding. The height-adjustable upper basket also comes with a foldable row of tines, and the lower basket fits an extra row of glasses, along with 4 foldable rows of tines. Perfect for effortlessly loading a variety of plates, glasses and pans. High-quality handles create a luxury feel.
  • Gentle glass care for lifelong brilliance

    A masterful combination of water hardness optimisation, a special glass program as well as convenient multifunctional baskets ensures optimum care and protection for delicate glassware. Perfect for gentle cleaning and sparkling results that never lose their brilliance.
  • FunctionLight

    Convenient indicator light

    The FunctionLight is a multi-colour LED strip on the side of the fully-integrated appliance door. It allows users to track the progress of the wash cycle.

  • AutoOpen

    Improved drying results

    The door opens at the end of the program, while a sophisticated airflow system directs the steam into the kitchen environment in a controlled manner.

  • OptiStart

    10 % lower energy consumption

    The efficient OptiStart function uses the time before the program starts to soak the dishes, allowing the appliance to wash at a lower temperature.

Product information

Extra optional programme for energy-efficient washing.
Quick programme for aperitif dishes that are not very dirty
For particularly sensitive items such as chopping boards and baby bottles.
Programme for very dirty dishes including pans.
Our dishwashers are designed for all tabs on the market.
An additional programme – reduces the temperature and saves energy.
Saves water and energy if the dishwasher is not fully loaded.
Automatic delayed programme start up to 24 hours - in addition the dishes are soaked and the dirt softened with water
Intelligent sensors help to save water and energy.
Gentle programme – perfect for glasses.
Gets fondue pots and raclette pans perfectly clean.

Prevents dirt from drying onto the surface if a programme is started later.

Degreases and cleans the interior and the components.
The childproof lock is intended to ensure the appliance cannot be switched on accidentally.

Other settings

Automatic rinse agent dosage