Interior Innovation Award 2013


Interior Innovation Award 2013
Recognition for the Combi-Steam XSL from V-ZUG

The award
The goal of imm cologne and the German Design Council was to inaugurate an independent, industry-oriented prize. The task of representing the German design world came down to the Council from the very top. Set up as a foundation back in 1953 at the initiative of the German Federal Parliament, it supports the business world in all aspects of design and is one of the world’s leading centres of expertise on design. The German Design Council repeatedly champions good design through its exhibitions, conferences, competitions and publications. The foundation members include designers, corporations, associations and institutions – all of them committed to the principle that design means more than just looking good.

And the winner is: the Combi-Steam XSL
Elegant and compact, with a clear concept

In order to meet the demand for contemporary kitchen concepts, ZUG has added the new 45 series to the successful FutureLine range. The Combi-Steam XSL is an all-rounder that impresses not only with its appearance but also its pre-programmed intelligent usage concept.

V-ZUG, the innovation leader in sensor technology
Alongside its massive cooking volume of 51 litres, the Combi-Steam XSL also features the exclusive BakeOmatic function. This provides for the perfect climate in the cooking space at all times, thanks to an actively controlled ventilation valve and a unique sensor system. The Combi-Steam constantly monitors how well cooked the dish is, automatically determining the cooking time, the operating mode, the climate and so on, irrespective of the food’s size and weight. And the patented automatic soft-roasting function means that meat dishes are ready to serve at exactly the right time. The meat is cooked to perfection fully automatically, and again there’s no need to enter the food’s size or weight.

Vacuisine – absolute precision
V-ZUG is bringing the sophisticated sous-vide cooking method to home kitchens with its innovative Vacuisine concept. Putting the ingredients under vacuum places a protective plastic wrapping tightly around the food to be cooked. This protective wrapping helps to retain the natural aroma and the appetizing colour of the food being steamed. Vacuisine offers more, not just for your senses but also for your health. Gentle cooking in a vacuum helps to retain healthy nutrients better. Furthermore, the vacuum has beneficial effects on texture. Cooked fish does not disintegrate, for instance, and even cooked fruit retains most of its crispy freshness. Vacuisine preparation involves using low temperatures that help meat and fish to obtain a level of tenderness that would never be possible with conventional cooking techniques.

To ensure that especially attractive results are achieved with gentle cooking, it is essential for the temperature of the steam to be accurately controlled. For this reason, the new-generation Combi-Steam XSL makes it possible to select the steam temperature down to the last degree from 30 to 100°C. The Combi-Steam appliances from V-ZUG guarantee an unbelievably high level of temperature accuracy. Furthermore, climate sensors ensure that the steam is distributed to best effect inside the cooking space. Details like this are a precondition for complete success and the reason why top chefs have placed their trust in PREMIUM SWISS QUALITY from the V-ZUG stable.

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