Function and application videos

Steam cooker functions

Quick, easy and versatile: with their simple applications, our combi-steam cookers and steam cookers make both cooking and dining more enjoyable. Hot air, steaming, grilling with forced convection, or soft roasting: we have the right operating mode for every requirement. So be inspired!

Hot air with steaming
A heating element behind the back wall of the cooking space heats up the air inside the cooking space, which is circulated evenly. The use of steam can improve heat transfer to the food. Steam over 100 °C is also not visible.

Soft roasting
This is a way of cooking high-quality cuts of meat that have not been prepared yet, or have only been seared, to preserve maximum flavour. You can select exactly when the cooking process is complete, irrespective of the weight and thickness of the meat. The temperature of the cooking space is automatically regulated.

Steaming is a gentle cooking method where steam is introduced into the cooking space from an external boiler and the food is heated and cooked in the steam. This is the ideal operating mode for preparing vegetables gently whilst maintaining their freshness. This means that valuable vitamins and minerals are not lost and flavours are retained. 

The BakeOmatic function is suitable for any recipe and includes programmes for 12 different categories of food. It recognises the amount, form and consistency of the food being cooked. The cooking time and the climate inside the cooking space are individually adjusted to suit. 

Professional baking
Thanks to the steam phase and the hot air phase which follows automatically, leavened items and puff pastries are light and airy, with a nice, shiny crust. And you no longer need to brush puff pastries with egg before baking. Thanks to the supply of steam, the dish doesn’t dry out. 

Oven/cooker functions

Hot air, top/bottom heat or grilling with forced convection: once you have learned the ideal cooking conditions, along with which operating modes to use, you can use the oven to cook and bake dishes of the highest standard. With the versatile functions offered by our ovens and cookers, you can achieve crisp results and perfectly tender meat.

Hot air humid
A heating element behind the back wall of the cooking space heats up the air inside the cooking space, which is circulated evenly. The steam produced is largely retained in the cooking space. The food retains its moisture.

The cooking space is heated by hot air and intensive bottom heat. The base of the food becomes crispy and thus there is no longer any need to pre-bake it.

Using the wok

The V-ZUG original wok pan is a versatile appliance. In our video, we demonstrate the different possibilities.

Using the Teppan Yaki

The Teppan Yaki hob uses induction technology and is particularly suitable for frying meat and fish with very little fat or oil.

Using the vacuum drawer

The vacuum drawer is a technical innovation that raises your cooking to a whole new level. It allows you to vacuum-pack meals in special bags – either for storing in the fridge or in preparation for sous vide cooking.