Digital products

Our digital products allow you to take your V‑ZUG experience to the next level by unlocking helpful features and accessing ever-new technologies.

  • V‑ZUG app

    Download the V‑ZUG app to get the most out of your connected appliance. Receive status notifications on your smartphone, send a recipe from the app to the appliance and see when your dish is ready to serve. The in-app assistant helps you find the right settings to achieve the desired outcome.

Download the V‑ZUG app now

Get the most out of your appliances and unlock their full potential with the V-ZUG app today.

Why go digital

Our digital products are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers – both now and in the future. They allow us to offer new and improved features that make your V‑ZUG experience even more user-friendly, convenient and enjoyable. And this helps us ensure your long-term satisfaction as a customer.