OptiDos – Automatic detergent dispensing by V-ZUG


OptiDos – Automatic detergent dispensing by V-ZUG

Too much detergent or too little? This question is now consigned to the past, since the OptiDos function will automatically select the optimal detergent amount, making the washing process even easier and more eco-friendly.

How do you decide how much detergent to put in your wash? Do you follow the manufacturer's instructions or do you just put in what feels about right? It's hard to decide on the correct amount, because it depends on how dirty your laundry is. If you don't use enough detergent then stubborn stains might stay on your clothes, but putting in a lot of detergent doesn't work either because too much can cause unwanted effects. It can result in residue on your washing, which is particularly visible on dark clothes, and is also detrimental to the environment.

Automatic detergent dispensing
V-ZUG has the solution. Its new AdoraWash V4000 with OptiDos dispenses the detergent into your wash automatically and precisely: the appliance has two tanks of liquid detergent, each holding 1.2 litres, which allow you to do around 25 wash cycles without refilling, depending on the programme, load and water hardness. The tanks are also quick to clean thanks to a practical cleaning cycle.

Complete freedom
With just a few clicks, you can activate the OptiDos function on your display and dispense exactly the right amount of detergent and fabric conditioner into your wash. If you would like to put on a wash using a different detergent, you can of course still add the detergent via the ergonomic detergent dispenser drawer on the appliance.