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Product imageThermoBox "steam and serve" (1/3 GN), height 65mm

ThermoBox "steam and serve" (1/3 GN), height 65mm

... Insulated serving dish for the ⅓ GN, max. 65 mm. ...

  • Art. no.: K37234

Product imageVario cutlery basket insert

Vario cutlery basket insert

... The adjustable cutlery basket has room for all types of bulky cutlery, including ladles, wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas or long meat cleavers. ...

  • Art. no.: W83586

Product imageConvient storage drawer

Convient storage drawer

  • Art. no.: W31357

Product imageRound baking tray Ø 24 cm with TopClean

Round baking tray Ø 24 cm with TopClean

... With V-ZUG TopClean coating for easiest cleaning. ...

  • Art. no.: K34527

Product imageWire shelf, Chrome steel

Wire shelf, Chrome steel

... The wire shelf acts as a shelf for your special cookware like gratin dishes. ...

  • Art. no.: K44102

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