Fast, precise, safe, energy-saving – induction coming is becoming ever more popular

Not only is cooking on an induction hob fast, precise and safe, it also makes it possible to save lots of energy. New automatic functions and a multi-lingual graphic display ensure simple, secure operation.

Fast and precise
With induction cooking, a litre of water can be brought to the boil in around two minutes, all with an energy saving of 30% compared with conventional hobs. Because the temperature is controlled precisely, milk can be brought to the boil easily and safely, a fondue warmed to perfection or meat gently roasted. Talking of safety, no more heat is produced as soon as the pan is no longer on the cooking zone. And the new multi-lingual graphic display guides intuitively through the cooking process.

MaxiFlex and large gaps between cooking zones make for ergonomic cooking
MaxiFlex allows pots and pans of different sizes to be placed on each zone on hobs. The design has been kept purist, doing without the usual, circular cooking zone markings. As a general rule, hobs from V-ZUG feature large gaps between cooking zones, facilitating ergonomic cooking, especially when several zones are in use at once.

World-exclusive Convenient Cooking – the first hob to cook rice automatically
The world-exclusive Convenient Cooking function enables rice to be cooked automatically, while the Cooking Control and Temperature Control functions monitor the bottom of the pan when in use. This means that rice can be prepared at the press of a button without burning. The Cooking Control function prevents boiling over and the constant Temperature Control function delivers even cooking results when several portions of dishes like omelettes or meat are being prepared.