Excellent comfort of use with an attractive design

With their modern features and convenient operation, Adora dishwashers are sure to impress. The modern, contemporary LCD display with touch controls makes operating the machine easier and more convenient than ever before. The display on the AdoraDish V2000, V4000 and V6000 shows a clear summary of all the relevant data and information at a glance. For example, the description for each programme can be displayed. The panel is resistant, scratch-proof and easy to clean.

Very easy to install
Whether you want your dishwasher to fit in with the design of your kitchen or to be elegantly concealed behind the kitchen façade, all of the appliances are easy to install. The dishwashers are available in standard and extra-large versions. In addition to conventional installation options, they are also suitable for installation in tall units: a special door hinge allows the dishwasher door to be slightly raised when opened.

Inner lighting – light, where it is needed
The lighting in the dishwasher helps maintain a clear view of the entire washing chamber. The four LED lights provide optimal lighting. 

New, convenient FunctionLight
This innovative display on the fully integrated appliance provides quick and simple information regarding the programme status. LEDs show you immediately the progress of the current programme, allowing you to estimate the remaining programme duration.


Contemporary, award-wining design

Streamlined, minimalist and modern – that is how to describe the control panels on all Adora dishwashers. Gone are the days of protruding buttons or foils on the panel. The control panels on the fully integrated appliances are made of high-quality Plexiglas, which is both very robust and scratch-resistant. This won over the jury of the renowned design award. Adora dishwashers have won both the Plus X Award and the iF DESIGN AWARD.