Vacuisine from V-ZUG

Vacuisine – top-quality cooking for your home
Sous vide – known as Vacuisine at V-ZUG – is a method which involves cooking food slowly at low temperatures (under 100 °C) in vacuum-sealed bags in the Steamer. What has long been the domain of professional chefs is now easy to recreate in your own home – for a unique taste experience at Michelin-star level. This method retains valuable nutrients more effectively, creates more intense flavours, and makes colours more vibrant. Vacuisine is a feast for the senses.

Spoil your guests
Vacuisine is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends: It lets you indulge your guests with professional-standard cooking, but with none of the complications or chaos. Vacuisine allows you to stay flexible: meat, for example, can be vacuum-sealed hours beforehand and then simply placed in the combi-steam cooker before your guests arrive. 

A modern lifestyle with Vacuisine

Vacuisine completes the lifecycle of your food:
Vacuum-packing simplifies storage, prolongs shelf life when stored appropriately and facilitates gentle preparation of your food. For an uncomplicated, healthy and modern attitude to cooking and dining.

How to! Reap the benefits of Vacuisine