CombiCookTop V2000 I804

This integrated hob and extraction solution combines induction technology with powerful airflow, striking the perfect balance between everyday comfort and effortless modern design.

Designs available

  • BlackDesign

  • Hob and hood combined for minimal kitchen design

    The CombiCookTop is an induction hob with an integrated extractor fan, ideal for open and minimalist kitchen designs. Installed to sit completely flush with the worktop, this all-glass hob was refined down to its most fundamental form, adding to the kitchen’s definitive look.
  • Contemporary, clean, convenient

    The cooking surface allows home chefs to use up to four pots and pans at a time. Cooking fumes are extracted directly from the cookware, preventing odours and grease particles from rising. For a clean and contemporary cooking experience.
  • Effortless installation

    This hob with integrated extraction is characterised by its shallow depth and flexible ducting solutions. Its design allows for quick and effortless installation while also leaving room for additional storage space underneath.
  • OptiLink

    Smart hood and hob connection

    If both the hood and hob feature OptiLink technology, the hood automatically adjusts its power level to the hob’s activity.

  • Spill absorption

    Easy cleaning

    The central extraction module can collect large quantities of liquids in case of a spill, making cleaning and maintenance simple and straightforward.

  • CleanAir

    Advanced air purification

    Equipped with CleanAir, the extractor fan switches on automatically at regular intervals to remove unpleasant odours from the kitchen.

Product information