This dishwasher features powerful and silent programs designed to offer the highest level of convenience and comfort of use. In the fully integrated version, the AdoraDish V6000 is available both as a standard and extra-height model.

Designs available

  • design-compatible (mirror glass)

  • Fully integratable

  • Ergonomic height adjustable baskets

    V-ZUG dishwashers are designed to make dishwashing as ergonomic as possible. The unique hinge system ensures seamless integration into the kitchen cabinetry, no matter the height. Dishwashers with OptiLift function additionally feature a mechanism that allows users to lift the lower basket up to top basket level. This reduces the strain on their back when loading or unloading dishes.
  • Powerful, fast and exceptionally quiet

    The AdoraDish V6000 offers powerful patented programs that go beyond everyday needs. With a special focus on entertaining, it can clean dinner party dishes in record time or remove baked on food from cookwear, leaving them sparkling clean. The Silent program is almost silent, making it perfect for open-plan kitchens.
  • A premium dishwashing experience

    The baskets were developed to provide maximum use of space and flexibility. Dishwashers with OptiLift function also come with extremely robust premium runners. Redesigned pull-out rails ensure exceptional comfort of use when sliding the baskets in and out. This smooth gliding motion is also gentle enough to optimally protect wine glasses and other delicate glassware.
  • FunctionLight

    Convenient indicator light

    The FunctionLight is a multi-colour LED strip on the side of the fully-integrated appliance door. It allows users to track the progress of the wash cycle.

  • AutoOpen

    Improved drying results

    The door opens at the end of the program, while a sophisticated airflow system directs the steam into the kitchen environment in a controlled manner.

  • OptiStart

    10 % lower energy consumption

    The efficient OptiStart function uses the time before the program starts to soak the dishes, allowing the appliance to wash at a lower temperature.

Product information

Other settings

Automatic rinse agent dosage
Water hardness control