CookTop V4000 – flexible, minimalist, powerful

The new CookTop V4000 boasts two flexible cooking zones. Thanks to the innovative ZoneFlex induction technology, the cooking zones cleverly adapt to the size and position of pans. The automatic bridging function allows you to move pans around as required within the cooking zones without losing the pre-set power level. The two zones are suitable for all sizes of cookware, from small saucepans to roasting pans. With minimal marking on the glass ceramic and four multi-slider controls that light up only when needed, the CookTop V4000 serves up innovative elegance and can be incorporated seamlessly into the kitchen design. The appliance has the OptiLink function with a matching range hood which automatically adapts its extraction power to the activity on the hob. It is available in two widths – 60 cm and 80 cm. Thanks to OptiGlass – an exceptionally hard coating – the hob is scratch-resistant and stays looking new longer than conventional hobs.