Timeless design. We believe that the aesthetic of an object should be as long-lasting as its quality. Anchored in minimalism, our design is understated and elegant. Intrinsically Swiss.

Our design language is reduced to the essentials. It makes no compromise in quality, materials and sustainability. The user interaction with the products is carefully crafted to be as intuitive as possible, building an emotional connection to our products.

  • Durable aesthetics

    Our appliances are built to last. Their surroundings however change according to the times and the tastes of their owners. Our integrative design allows our products to stand the test of time and live on elegantly in their changing environment.

  • Elegant integration

    V-ZUG’s appliances are refined to their essential elements, reflecting a design philosophy that is as minimalist as possible. Integrating elegantly into modern open-plan kitchens, they lend spaciousness and lightness to the room.

  • Carefully selected materials

    High-quality workmanship and the use of carefully selected materials make for durable products and an uncompromising user experience. Our products feature steel, aluminium and glass elements that provide both haptic and aesthetic pleasure with every use.

  • Haptic experience

    Our appliances are used daily in homes across the world. We work hard to make every interaction with our products pleasant. From the feeling of opening a door, the quietness of a silent operation or the quality of the materials to the touch.

  • Emotional interfaces

    Designing a product doesn’t just involve the technical aspects, but also takes into account both tactile interaction and user enjoyment. For example, Excellence Line appliances can be customized according to the user’s preferences, for an experience that is beyond personal.

  • Instinctive usage

    Simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve. Industrial design and user experience interfaces combine to make sure that operating the appliances becomes second nature, so that our products become a complete, integral part of home life. The Excellence Line features the innovative CircleSlider. The matte slider, engraved into the glass of the touch display, enables precise control of the appliance and combines the best of the digital world and the classic dial usage.

  • Perfectly integrated into any kitchen

    The minimal design of the Excellence Line appliances integrates seamlessly into kitchens, providing a subtle presence with their aesthetics while offering the flexibility of style to work in any interior design setting from a modern loft to a Victorian terrace.

  • Quiet, but stated

    Several design details, such as our quiet aesthetics or the use of mirrored surfaces in different colours, enable this seamless integration. Yet, we are not too quiet. Our signature features, such as our Circle Slider or our Excellence Line handles provide the right sense of presence between an integrated look and the permanence of qualitative and beautiful objects in the kitchen.

  • Design, where the cycle begins

    For us, a sustainable product begins with its design. It is at this early stage that we have the most influence on its life-long sustainability. Through design, we focus on durability, repairability and recyclability of the appliances.

  • Pure materials for optimum recyclability

    Pure materials are easier to recycle. Easy-to-separate components and pure materials facilitate dismantling and optimize the chances of recycling appliances.

Where design meets innovation

"V-ZUG has studied a series of innovative technologies to be able to offer a very high level of performance quality, but hiding everything behind an extremely minimalist design.” – Elisa Ossino, designer, architect and art director

Design talks

“Design begins before a structure becomes visible.”

As a User Experience Designer, Kevin Perlinger creates the perfect user experience, including the Excellence Line's new operating concept.
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“Beauty is a central function”

Martin von Freeden, Head of Corporate Design and his team are obsessed with iconic design and quality. With the Excellence Line it debates every millimetre, every pixel, every hue.
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V-ZUG in London - a taste for space

Situated on a historic London street, V-ZUG’s new flagship brings strong Swiss ideas about timeless and durable design to the UK capital. We step inside the heritage-listed building with Gabriel Castelló Pinyon, the designer behind the V-ZUG showroom.
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