This elegant slide-out hood boasts low noise levels along with powerful extraction and advanced functionalities.
This concealed solution is completely hidden in the kitchen cabinet above the hob. The extractor fan ensures powerful, yet quiet extraction performance.
This modular worktop extractor complements V-ZUG’s modular hobs to create a flexible cooking space. A design driven by form and function.
The downdraft extractor rises from the cooking surface, perfectly matching the panorama induction hob. An elegant addition to the kitchen, creating a cohesive and elevated look.
This state-of-the-art hob with integrated extractor fan combines sleek design and powerful airflow with flexible cooking options. For a kitchen that is equal parts functional and aesthetic.
This integrated hob and extraction solution combines induction technology with powerful airflow, striking the perfect balance between everyday comfort and effortless modern design.
  • Enhanced air quality beyond extraction

    The recirculation option cleans the air using an advanced filtration system, returning it to the kitchen afterwards. The solution requires minimal maintenance and ensures effective odour removal of up to 96 %.
  • Powerful extraction, silent in use

    V-ZUG’s hoods are both powerful and intelligent. Automatic functions regulate their extracting performance without the overconsumption of energy. Yet, despite being extra powerful, they remain pleasantly quiet even at the strongest extraction levels.
  • Minimal and integrated design

    Timeless elegance and sleek lines characterise V-ZUG’s extraction hoods. Narrow front designs and premium materials such as glass and stainless steel blend seamlessly into the kitchen environment. A translation of style into space.

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