The AiroClear line has got it all: the hoods are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are the most powerful hoods around, are economic, and also look great, too. In short – a highlight of our range hood line.

An understated look on the outside
If you are looking for a range hood of the highest calibre, we have got the right product for you: our AiroClear line includes built-in hoods, island hoods and wall hoods, all of which boast an array of outstanding features. The island and wall hoods have a narrow front design (just 55 mm tall at the front) and are available in glass – this combination lends this hood its distinctive, elegant appearance.

Outstanding technology on the inside
All AiroClear range hoods are available as an extracted air or recirculation air solution. In contrast to extraction hoods, which draw out smoke and send it outside, a recirculation air hood cleans the air and then emits it back into the surrounding air. Recirculation air solutions require barely any maintenance: Premium activated charcoal filters simplify maintenance tasks and ensure the complete and effective removal of odours. Just like the integrated LED lighting, the powerful motor consumes very little electricity while also remaining very quiet when running.

The many advantages of the new AiroClear line

  • Built-in range hood for hidden installation
  • Wall and island hoods with flat design (front height only 55 mm)
  • Wall and island hoods available in mirror-glass design
  • Built-in range hood available in ChromeClass and mirror-glass design
  • Simple to install
  • Economical LED lighting
  • Adjustable FlexLED, 2700–4000 kelvin
  • ComfortFix, convenient handling and fixing of the metal grease filter
  • Economical BLDC motors
  • SilentPlus, runs extremely quietly
  • Built-in range hoods with widths of up to 120 cm
  • Total height of hood is flexible, accommodating low or high ceilings
  • Elegant controls in the form of touch buttons 
  • Premium activated charcoal filters
  • Large filter surfaces for excellent odour removal
  • Lower total hood height

The forced convection versions of the new wall and island hoods together with the built-in range hoods in the AiroClear line offer the following benefits:

  • Premium, maintenance-free activated charcoal filter packages lasting up to five years
  • Simple to install and remove the activated charcoal
  • Large filter areas, very good odour absorption
  • Low total hood height
  • Quiet running

Cleaning range hoods / grease filters

There is room for all grease filters in an Adora dishwasher – a practical solution as only regularly cleaned filters retain their effectiveness.

AiroClear filters