How does Vacuisine work?

Sous-vide cooking is this easy

  • Wash and prepare food, cutting it into shape if necessary
  • Sauté meat, blanch vegetables (optional)
  • Put everything into the vacuum bag
  • Add a little oil, broth, fresh herbs, spices or other ingredients to taste
  • Suck out the air and seal the bag
  • Cook the sealed bag at exactly the right temperature in the Combi-Steam
  • Open the bag and serve

What do you need for Vacuisine?

Cooking under a vacuum requires constant, precise temperature control. With Vacuisine, this is not achieved in a water bath, but in steam. The modern technology of the V-ZUG combi-steam cooker makes it possible to set the steam temperature precisely and maintain it throughout the entire cooking process.

V-ZUG offers the ideal appliance for vacuum-packing too: the vacuum drawer that goes with the combi-steam cooker allows you to seal your food in airtight packs at three predefined vacuum-sealing levels – either for sous vide cooking in the combi-steam cooker or for storing in the fridge or freezer compartment.