WineCooler V6000

With the WineCooler V6000, you can store up to 83 bottles of wine in your kitchen at the perfect temperature so that they are ready to drink whenever you like.

The WineCooler V6000 serves as an elegant addition for a side-by-side solution in your home. It has a height of 178 cm and can be opened with a gentle tap via TouchOpen. Similarly, SoftClose means it can be closed quietly and smoothly with a light touch of your finger. Up to 83 bottles of wine can be stored in the kitchen at the ideal temperature and are ready to drink at any time. The wooden racks can be pulled out, making it easier to view and reach the wine.

The WineCooler V6000 has a replaceable activated charcoal filter that cleans the air in the cooler. This also means that the wine, which constantly takes in air through the cork, retains its flavours.

Tried-and-tested functions in an elegant design
With its mirror glass front, the WineCooler V6000 can be integrated perfectly and discreetly into your kitchen. The glass door protects the wine against UV radiation that can impair its quality. The interior is evenly flooded with light thanks to four modern LED lights. If desired, the light can stay permanently on even when the appliance door is closed – for a more appealing way to present your wine bottles. The lighting has no effect on the temperature and the brightness can be adjusted.

Winecooler SL & Winecooler 90 SL

The ideal conditions for the finest vintages
The taste you experience when drinking a good wine depends on more than just its quality. Selecting the right glass and, above all, the right serving temperature is also essential. Our built-in winecooler has been designed to keep your wines at the ideal temperature: the two height-adjustable temperature zones for white and red wines can be adjusted to exactly the right temperature. Each zone can be adjusted separately in a range from 5 to 18 °C. Specially developed compressors that float in the cabinet make sure that your wine is stored perfectly still without any rattling.

The finest wines in luxurious surroundings – thanks to fully integrated design, LED lighting and SoftClose
The Winecooler SL gleams in the harmonious, exclusive V-ZUG design structure with elegant shelves made from real beech wood. Thanks to its sophisticated mirror glass front, it blends perfectly and discreetly into any kitchen. The Winecooler 90 SL is also now available in Black, Platinum and Pearl.

Maximum flexibility thanks to two temperature zones
The two height-adjustable cooling zones for white and red wine can be adjusted independently and precisely to the degree in order to ensure the perfect drinking temperature. The temperatures can be set at 5 to 18 °C.

Optimum integration
The height of the Winecooler 90 SL 60 (recess of 906 mm) means that it combines perfectly with two other compact V-ZUG thermal appliances.

Winecooler UCSL

The under-counter winecooler 
The UCSL 60 model brings a sophisticated WineCooler to the range, which is ideal for installation underneath a worktop. Another stunning feature is the full glass door without handles. Its fully extendable wooden racks, two temperature zones, an activated charcoal filter, space for 34 bottles of wine, SoftClose and the TouchOpen function make this WineCooler entirely unique.

The handle-free glass door is easy to open with a gentle touch.

The right temperature makes all the difference

The amount of pleasure that a wine imparts depends greatly on the temperature it is served at:

  • Champagne, prosecco and sparkling wines – 5–7°C
  • Dry white wines – 8–10°C
  • Sweet rosé and white wines – 10–13°C
  • Light-bodied red wines – 14–16°C
  • Full-bodied red wines – 17–18°C